Breast diagnostics

Breast diagnostics: my specialty!

Let me start by expressing a clear commitment to mammography and screening!

However, a quarter of all malignant breast tumors are not detected during mammography and are discovered during the gynecologist's breast ultrasound examination.

Breast ultrasound

You can be assured of highly reliable diagnosis since we use the latest 3D ultrasound tomography technology and I have over 15 years’ personal experience in this field.

Palpation of the breasts, even when performed by an experienced person, does not result in early detection of malignancies. The chances of a cure are highest when tumors are detected while they are still too small to be felt.

Early diagnosis saves lives!

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the better and more successful will treatment be.

Unfortunately, even mammography is not 100% reliable. In cases of dense breast tissue (mastopathy), in women using HRT and in younger women, the mammography detection rate falls significantly.

These limitations do not apply to ultrasound examination of the breasts, which is therefore all the more important in these situations. If findings are unclear, a tissue sample can be taken quickly and safely using 3D ultrasound guidance. Examination of the tissue clarifies whether the tumor is benign or malignant. Four out of five breast lumps are benign and do not require surgery.