Treating facial wrinkles – facial aesthetics

From the age of 25, the skin starts to age, resulting in a loss of tension and elasticity. The first signs of this are wrinkles around the eyes (crows’ feet) and smile lines around the corners of the mouth. From age 40 onward, metabolic processes in the skin slow down, subcutaneous fatty tissue shrinks and the sebaceous glands become less active.

Relaxing the facial muscles and wrinkles with botulinum toxin A (Bocouture®/Merz) and correcting wrinkles and compensating for the loss of substance from the skin and lip contour with hyaluronic acid (filler) using the Belotero® system from Merz yields results that previously required a surgical face-lift.

By compensating for deeper loss of substance, RADIESSE – named filler of the year in 2013 – and the new BELOTERO VOLUME provide a longer-lasting solution for up to 14 months (full-face treatment).

Moreover, the treatment is virtually painless!

We shall be happy to advise you on full-face facial aesthetics in our practice at your next appointment. Ask us and view the product information on the Merz website.

It is easier than you think!

Treatment with botulinum toxin A
Treatment with hyaluronic acid (filler)