Gynaecological check-ups, cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment of problems and diseases, choosing the right contraception, advice on fertility and sterility, cancer follow-up, menopause.

Statutory screening (basic screening) covers:

  • from age 20, cervical smear and palpation of internal genitalia
  • from age 30, also palpation of the breasts
  • from age 50, rectal examination and test for occult blood in the stool
  • also from age 50, an invitation to mammography screening every two years

In addition, modern medicine offers special procedures for early detection of particular diseases (screening plus):

  • detection of HPV; HPV vaccination
  • ThinPrep screening for cervical cancer
  • vaginal ultrasound (accurate assessment of uterus, endometrium and ovaries possible)
  • breast ultrasound / breast sonography
  • HPV and chlamydia diagnosis
  • determination of hormone status